Biometric Input

In the old days, corporations used to rely on people to recognize individuals by their looks, then as corporations grew they used PINs and ID Cards. However, today's complex corporate operations have rendered our old ways of verifying people's identities insecure and unreliable.

How can you be sure than an individual entering your corporate grounds is in fact the person they claim to be?

ExacTime offers biometric technology as a secure alternative to easily lost or compromised Cards and PINs. In less than one second our biometric technology uses biological characteristics such as hand geometry and fingerprints to verify and recognize a person's true identity. ExacTime gives today's small and large corporations' true security. Our biometric technology is affordable and user friendly as it can be applied in most access control applications.

Hand Reader Series

Hand Reader SeriesA known example of payroll fraud is when one employee punches in for another employee. This is also referred to as, “Buddy punching”. Did you know that 5 minutes of an employee’s time is equal to 1% of their daily pay? 5 minutes here and there can quickly add up to lost revenue. Improved payroll accuracy is guaranteed by the elimination of “buddy-punching.” This means that your payroll is free of time fraud thereby lowering labor costs and giving you a fast return on your investment. Your costs are further reduced since you can eliminate badges. With the HandPunch, your hand is your badge.

Finger Print Readers

Online Personal Time and Information Management Utility System. On the outside, a large, easy-to-read display and familiar ATM-style interface. On the inside, functionality far beyond old fashioned Time & Attendance and Payroll terminals. The OPTIMUS station is a full-service/self-service terminal that allows for both the input and output of information to help HR professionals manage their business.
The OPTIMUS packs a powerful processor and open programming, so UCS and/or Java™ development is a snap to deploy. The biometric option protects employees’ personal information and eliminates costly buddy-punching.

The OPTIMUS™ — the solution for human asset management.
A full palette of features includes:

  • Large, easy to read display
  • Familiar ATM-style interface – self service functionality
  • Biometric options for increased personal security
  • Modular, field-upgradeable readers and memory
  • 100% compatible with full line of ATS Global Series terminals
  • Works in WAN and LAN environments
  • On-board and remote diagnostics
  • Expandable memory for increased functionality
  • Optional power-over-Ethernet module
  • Optional transmissive color LCD
  • Optional transmissive color touchscreen
  • Employee can check and request time off at the terminal
  • Employee can check schedules, hours and overtime at the terminal

Maximus — The state-of-the-art Internet appliance that removes limitations through use of open standards..
Designed for those who demand more: Java™ programmability, plug and play, Web services, open standards, complete field upgradeability, keypad and function customization, varied auto-ID readers, biometrics, and more!
Maximus continues the legacy of ATS by maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability – not to mention the most robust terminal in the business thanks to its die-cast aluminum housing!
Maximus features:

  • Internet appliance
  • UCS available
  • Plug and play
  • Fully interactive
  • Eight programmable function keys
  • On-board and remote diagnostics
  • Field-upgradeable – never outdated
  • Biometric option eliminates costly buddy-punching
  • Optional Java™ programmable
  • Optional power-over-Ethernet module
  • Optional transmissive color LCD
  • Optional GSM/GPRS modem

A8 Time & Attendance Fingerprint Terminal Touch of accuracy.

One touch. That’s all it takes to register time & attendance with ZK Software’s A8 biometric reader. Offering accuracy and affordability, our readers set the standard for fast, reliable performance.

ZK’s biometric readers use the fastest fingerprint-matching algorithm in the industry, giving unparalleled precision and speed at less than half the cost of competing vendors. Users can punch in or out quickly with just one touch of a finger or entry of a password. And software developers can add their own “touch” of quality by utilizing ZK’s Software Development Kit to customize the readers to meet specific customer requirements.

A8 display all operations on crystal clear black and white screens. A variety of features come standard including online data communication via TCP/IP and RS-232 ports, as well a secured USB port for manual data transfer & backup.

ZK’s high-speed fingerprint identification/fingerprint-matching technology guarantees efficiency and accuracy.

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