Data Collection

Card Swipe

SY-715 An intelligent, programmable data collection terminal

  • Online / offline modes of operation
  • Complex attendance reporting
  • Real-time database queries
  • Built-in TCP/IP communications (optional)
  • Ideal for fast and precise internal data reporting, with both the security of a self-contained unit and the flexibility of a PC-linked system
  • Operates independently or as part of a network
  • Powerful communication software allows friendly and flexible programming

Also available as proximity card reader

Verifone Tranz 330/380 Recycled Credit Card Terminals

  • Most affordable hardware option available
  • Ideal for multiple locations and outsource
  • Internal modem dials online server off hours
  • TCP/IP communications (optional)
  • Clock can prompt for department, tips and other input data
Employee verification available



Proximity devices allow time cards to be waved near the clock in order to punch. This can be very useful in high traffic area with large numbers of employees. It can also help companies control exposure to a specific area. Many swipe clock models are available as proximity clocks. Below are a few examples:

SY-765   New The SY-765 terminal is an upgrade from the SY-760 product

With a faster CPU card, a new design membrane keypad and additional improved features, the new series of SY-7X5 terminals is your best choice for all time & attendance, access control and job costing applications, with a choice of readers, communication types and fingerprint options.

The SY-7X5 series features:

Graphic Touch Screen (SY-795 only)

  • Graphic display
    - size 240 X 320 dots / 89 X 70.5 mm
    - Dot size 0.225 X 0.225 mm / View area 80.55 X 61.10 mm
  • Touch screen
  • Rubber silicon keyboard
  • Display and reporting by icons

These devices also shown previously are available as proximity devices.





Keyboard Input

Every clock with a keyboard can accept input directly to the device keypad. This helpful feature allows you to avoid the costly use of swipe cards. No need to worry about cards being lost, stolen or worn out. Employees typically put in a code unique to that employee.

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