Submission Options

We offer a variety of submission options to match your business needs and style.

You can submit data directly to your Payroll Specialist by remote software, online, email, spreadsheet, phone, fax, timekeeping system or autopay.

Remote Software

Remote SoftwareEvolution™ allows you to automate and control your payroll process with bank level security. This flexible platform allows you to work at 32 Bit Windows® speed while insuring 128 Bit SSL Encryption. Evolution lets you work in real time because there is no need for data synchronization. You can preview your payroll instantly and make adjustments before submission. Take our online demo. For a more complete list of featured please open our feature document.

Online ClientOnline Client

Evolution™ online client is designed for small less complex payroll clients who want to access basic core functions 24/7. You can add and modify employee information, create and submit scheduled payrolls and run basic reports. Our online tax calculator allows you to calculate manual checks on the fly. No installation of software is needed. You can be up in running in seconds.


Email/SpreadsheetOur system can talk to your existing procedures and systems. We can accept an email with your payroll data. Using your existing spreadsheet formats is one feature that sets Exact Payroll apart from our competition. Simply send us your spreadsheet and your payroll will be available in minutes. We can also customize background programming inside existing spreadsheets to increase your efficiency/accuracy and reduce costs.


PhoneLike to do business with a personal touch? Your dedicated account manager will be familiar with your company and the uniqueness of your payroll. Exact Payroll can accept your payroll information over the phone at your convenience or we can call you at a specified time. You can even leave your payroll details for your dedicated account specialist after hours at your convenience.


Faxing your hours and pay items is most flexible. We provide you with detailed input worksheets listing all employees, salaries, rates, deductions and special notes. Simply fill in the hours by category, make special notes and fax. This service is available 24/7.

Time and Attendance SystemTime and Attendance System

Using one of our web based online timekeeping system allows clients [both large and small] to submit hours directly to our payroll staff. Resulting accuracy and time savings can be huge making an immediate impact on your payroll preparation process.


Auto PayAuto Pay

For companies with payrolls that are the same each pay period, we can automatically process your payroll and pay your staff the same each time unless you tell us otherwise prior to your scheduled process date/time. Combining this feature with electronically delivery and/or self service can put your payroll on auto pilot.


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