Payment Options

Company Check

Live payroll checks can be delivered in various formats. These checks are printed with your company banking information.

  • Stub Top open checks allow you to apply your signature prior to distributing
  • Sealed checks provide a mail ready format allowing quick distribution and mailing
  • Your company logo can be printed on each check
  • Signature options can help save time. Signature option is required for sealed checks
  • Check numbers can be started anywhere and run consecutively

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit removes costly, manually processed paper checks. As a purely electronic method for transferring wages reducing human error reulsting in a more efficient and accurate payday. Most employees appreciate the convenience, security and reliability of direct deposit. It provides fast access to cash, eliminates a trip to the bank, and helps employees meet thier peronal budget needs in a more timely manner.

Our direct deposit service allows employees to have all their wages deposited into one [or more] checking, savings or money market accounts Deposits can even be made to payroll debit card or child's account or debit card.

Trust Check

Trust Checks simplifies your accounting entries and removes the time consuming task of reconciling your payroll checks. We debit your account once, draw employee payroll checks from our checking account, and ship them to you pre-signed and ready for distribution. The checks still have your company name at the top.

Trust Checks include our Positive Pay feature which allows your company to avoid the fraud risk associated with issuing many checks from your account. We take full responsibility for all unauthorized and fraudulent transactions to our payroll disbursement.

Positive pay is a cash management service offered providing a deterrent to check fraud by which banks compare a list of our issued checks with checks presented for payment. Suspicious checks are referred back to us for approval prior to being paid.

Payroll Debit Cards

According to the American Payroll Association, four million (4,000,000) paychecks are lost or stolen each year. A Visa branded debit/payroll card increases efficiency, savings and flexibility for both the employer and employees. Thousands of employers of all sizes offer Visa branded payroll cards as a way to help meet the diverse needs of their work force.

Visa estimates approximately 80 million people in the U.S. [about 25% of the US population] lack a bank account or access to a payroll debit card. These same workers receive about $1 trillion in annual income. Most of these people rely on cash transactions for everyday purchases. Our [guaranteed issue] Visa payroll card offers a safer more convenient option to paper payroll checks.


Many cash based business owners mistakenly believe that a payroll service can’t help because employees are paid cash. In fact, all employers are responsible for reporting wages, withholding and paying taxes and filing returns including accurate W2s and unemployment statements. Employees paid with cash can be issued vouchers summarizing their wages. Vouchers will show all typical wages, taxes and deductions plus a special cash payment notation/deduction denoting the cash payment.

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