PTO Accrual Tracking

Accurately tracking employee paid time will help you avoid costly errors and keep you PTO HR efforts to a minimum.

  • Our system can be customized to calculate almost any rule
  • We excel at more complex rules that are base on pay variables including accrual groups, employment year, average hours and selected earning types
  • We track accrued, used and balances allowing you to decide which combination to show on employee earnings records
  • Instant access to full data history allows you to avoid rummaging through payroll records
  • Data history includes notes/reasons so you can increase your response time to employee inquiries
  • Waiting and probationary periods allow you to “set it and forget it”
  • Accruals can be designed to award hours for only employees that work a minimum number of hours
  • Rule consolidations permit employees to be paid from a common accumulated balance
  • A variety of accrual resets may be used with very few limitation
  • Unlimited tiers allow compliance with the most complex rules
  • Process order adjustment means you control what happens at year end
  • Individual employee exceptions allow maximum flexibility


Missed word due to sick leave is unavoidable. Our payroll and time keeping systems allows you to track information regarding the absence including actual dates missed, whether the absence was excused or unexcused, warnings issued and free form notes. All fields are available for reporting purposes. Managers can be given access to view only attendance information as required.


Properly scheduled Vacation can help your company run more effectively and increase employee loyalty. Properly managed vacation policies, record keeping and attendance tracking will insure everyone has the most current information for fast effective decision making. Time and attendance scheduling functions allow managers to see coverage of key departments prior to approval of requested vacation time. Alerting functions instantly notify effected managers of changes and new requests.


Track complex holiday pay rules using our accrual system or one of various timekeeping systems. We have experience handling special holiday pay rates and accumulation of compensating overtime. Many timekeeping function allow automatic allocation of holiday hours/pay based on your policies.


Personal time can be simple and straight forward. In many cases Personal and Sick time are combines. More complex policies call for awarding personal time based on hours worked or tenure. These are easily and comfortably handled within our payroll and timekeeping systems.

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